As the number of decentralized trials being run globally has increased, sponsor companies have evolved their practices to provide tailored and efficient solutions. For Advanced Clinical, one of these evolutions was the move from paper-based TMFs to Vault eTMF, a leading trial master file application. This change has allowed us to improve efficiency for our partners.

Clinical Trial Remote Monitoring Benefits With an eTMF Model

A paper-based TMF model presented challenges for trial efficiency, so Advanced Clinical updated our practices to provide a strategic advantage for our partners. With an electronic trial master file system, updates are easier, quicker, and more cost-effective.

Challenges that paper-based models present include:

  • Harder to remain audit-ready
  • Variable filing systems between sponsors and CROs, making collaboration more difficult
  • Inconsistent data
  • Increased administrative burden to manage compliance
  • Difficulty monitoring metrics

Some of the benefits we’ve delivered to our partners since switching to Vault eTMF:

  • Reduction in the time it takes to work on the TMF
  • Lower administrative and shipment costs
  • Minimal work to get the eTMF up and running
  • Switch to remote-based monitoring
  • Up-to-date insights into the TMF to see the actions being taken and the documents being submitted anytime, anywhere in the world

In this video from JP Miceli, learn how we use Vault eTMF to enable speedier document collection, delivering real-time visibility to clients. 


Comprehensive Study Documentation Solutions

At Advanced Clinical, we provide comprehensive CRO, FSP, and Strategic Resourcing solutions. We use our experience and the latest resources to provide a better clinical experience throughout the research process. Vault eTMF is just one of the tools we use, and we offer superior flexibility, operating within multiple systems as needed to accommodate your unique requirements and ensure high-caliber study documentation.

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