Immuno-oncology has seen some striking clinical advances in the 10 years since the approval of the first therapeutic cancer vaccine, but it’s a field that doesn’t stand still. With the majority of solid tumors predicted to be treated by immuno-oncology drugs by 2050, now is an ideal time to take stock of the key trends in the area and prepare for its future. Our white paper takes stock of where the pharmaceutical industry is today and looks at how it can get to where it needs to be tomorrow.

In this white paper, unlock insights into immuno-oncology news, trends, and challenges, including:

  • Key developments in the field since the FDA’s approval of Dendreon’s immuno-oncology therapy, Provenge, in 2010
  • Anticipated advances in the industry’s future
  • An overview of cancer treatment trends and control strategies in Europe
  • Challenges in immuno-oncology clinical trials, including assessing combinations of therapies, determining endpoints, and improving cost and access for new treatments
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