Prepare for the future of the clinical research industry with insights from two of Advanced Clinical’s experts. This report examines how the landscape of trial conduct and management is changing, from the rise of site networks to clinical trial innovation

Foresight for the Future of Trials

There are a variety of factors shaping clinical trials. This report examines several key areas, including: 

  • Clinical trial M&A and investments, showing promising indicators for a positive future for the industry
  • The significance of site networks and the role of electronic medical records in this shift
  • Why patient recruitment and representation remain top challenges and strategies to address these considerations
  • How varied outsourcing models address the need for enhanced sponsor oversight
  • Thoughtful implementation and use cases for innovations including machine learning and artificial intelligence in clinical trials

Working Toward a Collaborative Future

In this report, we consider how the industry can move toward collaboration to drive efficiency. Responding to the changes the future of clinical trials will bring requires sharing knowledge and resources, and we outline some of the key strategies companies can take to do so.



Caroline Redeker
Chief Strategy Officer


Jason Casarella, MBA
Executive Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

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