The clinical research industry faces challenges from workforce struggles to increasingly complex protocols, but midsize and small CROs are also experiencing an upswing. In an interview with CenterWatch Weekly, Cheryle Evans, senior vice president (SVP) of global clinical and biometric operations, shares insight into the current state and future of CROs.

Challenges and Opportunities

In the interview, Cheryle touches on some of the biggest challenges taking place in the CRO space, including:

  • Navigating hybrid and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) methodologies
  • Finding and retaining high-quality talent
  • Creating a meaningful, but not overwhelming, work environment

A Focus on Small CROs

With an eye toward small and midsize CROs in particular, Cheryle believes the future is bright. She expands on the continued global demand for clinical research and the nimbleness of smaller CROs. By providing increased flexibility, these more niche organizations can respond to new demands and leverage people and technology to deliver high-quality results.

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