With the health of the global economy in flux and a mass of industry layoffs, the current clinical research staffing landscape is facing a crisis of uncertainty. Examine the state of the clinical job market and get predictions for what’s to come in 2024 in this industry report from Advanced Clinical’s strategic resourcing experts.

Clinical Research Staffing Solutions in an Uncertain Economy

The downward market trend saw rapid acceleration between 2022 and 2023, sparking a wave of hesitance among sponsors and leading to:

  • More layoffs
  • An oversaturated clinical talent pool
  • Less employee mobility
  • Scaling back of research pipelines
  • Declining interest in platform companies

Even as these forces reshape the marketplace for clinical research jobs, organizations are finding savings and solutions through CRO staffing services and investment in current employees. With the knowledge in this report, you can develop the right strategy for making headway against economic adversity.

Predicting the Future

In this industry study, you’ll find four predictions from our in-house experts about where clinical research is heading. From increased M&A to shifts in investment strategies, we walk you through the things we think will have the biggest impact for the pharmaceutical market and sponsors’ bottom lines using our skilled insight. Make sure to check out what we see coming tomorrow so you can prepare today.

Build Better Clinical Research Staffing Models

While there are plenty of challenges in staffing in the current economy, in this report, you’ll find ideas that can help your organization maintain a positive momentum. From ways to save money to talent retention, our in-depth analysis can help you thrive today and tomorrow. Download our free report for the information and predictions you need to keep your business on track in a very difficult economy.



Steve Matas
Senior Vice President
Strategic Resourcing

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant
Senior Director of Business Development
Strategic Resourcing