When a biopharmaceutical company’s original midsize CRO partner acquired two additional CROs and the nature of the relationship changed, this sponsor selected Advanced Clinical as its new CRO partner. At the beginning of our takeover, this Phase III clinical research was behind due to an FDA hold and timelines had already been communicated to investors and the public. This meant speed, accuracy and quality were imperative to avoid delays. Patient retention and engagement was also critical to the study’s success.

In this case study, learn how we assumed ownership of this global program to accelerate timelines for a biopharmaceutical client. 

Our Phase III clinical research services for this client included:

  • Clinical trial site recruitment (60 North American-based sites in 16 weeks)
  • Expedited study startup
  • Risk mitigation plan, cost/benefit analyses and other initiatives to assist in decision-making
  • Allocating a dedicated project manager to the study
  • Packages of patient-facing and internal reference tools

Download the study to discover how these services enabled success for our client.

Download Case Study
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