Open and continuous communication is key throughout the research process, especially when it comes to recruiting patients and keeping them engaged in your trial.

Rebecca Starkie, our patient engagement expert, uncovers patient insights about participating in trials in an Applied Clinical Trials article. Read the article to find out what patients had to say about being a part of clinical research.


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rebecca starkie

Rebecca Starkie Senior Global Patient Engagement Director, Advanced Clinical

Much of Rebecca’s 26-year career in clinical research has focused on strategy and running clinical studies, with experience in managing studies across a variety of rare disease studies and all phases. Her most recent experience has been specifically around Patient Engagement, supporting biopharmaceutical companies with strategies for recruiting and engaging patients. Passionate about bringing patient engagement to the forefront with an entrepreneurial mindset and liking to think outside of the box, Rebecca holds both a BSc (Hons) Biochemistry and a Certificate in Clinical Research from The University of Leeds, England, U.K.



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